24th January 2019

Funding opportunities with Homes England

View of front of houses in a new build estate

Homes England, the government’s housing delivery agency, has announced that it will invest £70million in funding to create 8,500 new homes in Northamptonshire.

I have worked with many of the previous delivery agencies over the last 25 years. I have to say it’s great to now be involved with an agency that’s working hard to make a difference.

My experience of working with its many predecessors revealed that the impact was often constrained by a number of factors. These included antiquated systems and the laborious process involved with obtaining the grant funding, which often resulted in a failed opportunity or acquisition.

At Caliber, we are working with Homes England on the funding of residential sites for some of our clients. Additionally, we are working together on a large infrastructure investment in the South East.

Working with Homes England has been a breath of fresh air. The people are excellent, with strong private-sector finance and development backgrounds, which I believe will be key to future success.

If you are struggling to fund a site through conventional methods and lenders, we are available to advise if the site is eligible for funding with Homes England. Contact us for more information.

Blog by Leon Evans, Managing Director

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