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Land Sales


If you’re looking to sell your land, talk to our experienced land sales team today to realise your development potential. Depending on your location, the current state of the housing market and transport links, your land could be in demand. Now is time to sell with demand outstripping supply due to a lack of land with building permission. You may have heard that this concern has caused a lot of coverage in the media, and has become a major crisis in today’s political agendas.

At Caliber, we understand that land sales may feel daunting. This is why we work with you to add more value to your property or land for sale with building permission, helping you throughout the whole land sales process. We will get to know your project to fully utilise our services to ensure you receive the best possible sale.

Looking for Help with Land Sales?

At Caliber, we provide our clients with a range of land sales services to help enhance and highlight the value of your land. We work with a variety of clients across the Midlands to take care of the sales and development process, bringing together our team of experts to provide a comprehensive and integrated service.

We take care of the land sales process from start to completion, adding value to your property or land at every opportunity. If you’re looking for advice on land for sale with or without building permission, we can help you to access a wide network looking to buy or develop land. At first, most sellers believe that gaining building permission will only increase the selling price by a small margin. Usually land for sale with building permission will be more attractive to buyers, as they will be able to build on this land without any risk. This will, in turn, make your land more valuable compared to land without building permission. The potential returns from building residential housing are likely to increase from a location in demand with a shortage of homes. While the process to receive building permission will take time and may cost, this is a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Caliber?

We work with you through every step of the process. Our team of land sales specialists ensure that you are always fully informed along the way, taking the time to understand and work towards your land sales requirements. By working closely with you, we will be able to correctly identify suitable buyers who usually have strict requirements. We do this by understanding your land fully at the start of the process, to advertise your land to a developer in a lucrative manner.

Our service is at no cost to the landowner, as we only get paid on completion of land sales. This cost is covered by the purchaser, over and above the purchase price via the Solicitors to ensure complete transparency.

Our vast experience in this field has successfully completed many projects from our portfolio of clients, who are very satisfied with our services. We ensure the correct advice is communicated to all of our clients with different requirements to produce the best direction and strategy.

How Do Land Sales Work at Caliber?

Our service is completely free for landowners. From receiving your initial enquiry, we work tirelessly to ensure your land has maximised value. We will then make a decision on the different structures on selling a properly; unconditional, conditional, option and promotion.

If you have land for sale with building permission:

  1. We will meet with yourselves on site to get a better understanding of the area. This will enable us to give you a more accurate valuation
  2. We will have the proposed houses valued by our New Homes department, we will then conduct a development appraisal within 5 working days to give a value on your land
  3. If you agree to our valuation and required exclusivity period, we will contact suitable developers within 7 days. This is done on an off-market basis
  4. At the end of the exclusivity period, we will present all full and final offers to yourself and give advice on the best offers and feedback
  5. If you chose to move forward with an offer, we will assist your solicitors to make the process as smooth as possible
  6. Upon legal completion, our fees are paid by the purchaser over and above the purchase price of the land and only after you receive your funds.

For land sales without planning:

  1. Caliber Land will initially do some desktop research to assess whether your site has planning potential and report back to you
  2. If our findings are positive, we will then advise on the best route to maximise the value of your site
  3. If the suggested value is agreeable, we can introduce you to developers that would be interested in taking on this opportunity
  4. Once an application has been submitted we assist the developer to expedite this process
  5. Upon acceptable planning being achieved we ensure a smooth route to completion of the purchase
  6. Upon legal completion, our fees are paid by the purchaser over and above the purchase price of the land and only after you receive your funds.
Illustration of a development on left hand side, photo of land on right hand side