2nd July 2019

Leading the way with non-traditional streams of funding

At Caliber Group, we offer funding options to all of our developers and purchasers when selling land. This can take the form of traditional funding methods such as development finance, bridging or more specialist funding. All of these options are offered via our sister company Finance 4 Business, as part of our off-market tender process.

More recently, we have been able to offer our clients funding from government bodies such as Homes England and also grants available via local authorities that apply to things like contaminated land and estate regeneration.

The Housing Infrastructure Fund is a prime example of how we have helped land owners and purchasers to access government capital grants for new infrastructure to unlock sites in the areas of greatest housing demand. Currently we have over 1200 new homes being generated via this funding across several sites.

The funding available has endless options and can value up to £10million for marginal viability proposals and up to £250million for forward funding proposals.

Other non-traditional routes of funding such as The Home Building Fund provide development finance loan funding. In specific cases it can be used when a developer has the opportunity to buy a residential development site but can’t get traditional funding due to high gearing (they may be building other developments at the same time). This finance enables the developer to build another site and increase the much-needed delivery of new homes, that may have otherwise been land banked.

We have also been utilising infrastructure finance loan funding for our clients, which can be granted for site preparation and to put in the infrastructure needed to enable housing to progress, so the site can be then either be sold clean or packaged into tranches.

On top of that, we’ve been involved in community-led housing projects, serviced plots for custom, self-builders and other new entrants to the market, and also groups of small firms working in consortia to deliver residential sites. All of this is in addition to our standard residential and care home projects.

By having the expertise and knowledge of both traditional funding and new government funding across our group, services can be tailored to individual circumstances, which is bringing great success in completions on land sales within the business.

When funding is typically the most difficult element to procure, don’t give up as there is usually a way. You just need the assistance and advice from the right people.

For more information please contact 0121 309 0555 or email info@caliberland.co.uk

Blog by Leon Evans, Managing Director

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