Working Alongside
Property Developments


If you’re looking for land and new property developments opportunities, talk to our experienced development team today to realise your potential. We are constantly seeking new opportunities and will have a variety of property developments that will interest your requirements.

At Caliber, we work with a wide range of developers and builders across multiple sectors. Not only do we provide a full consultancy service for new property developments, we provide off-market opportunities to developers on our approved database. The database is ever growing, and should you wish to be included on it, all we ask is for a short meeting so we can fully understand your requirements and introduce you to our land team.

Looking for help with new property developments?

At Caliber, we provide our clients with a range of new property development services, working with a variety of clients across the Midlands to take care of the entire process from beginning to completion. We have worked with these clients on numerous projects and can now confidently demonstrate a high-level service.

To understand and assist with your new property development, we bring together our team of development experts to provide a comprehensive and integrated service that is suited to your requirements, assisting with planning applications and more. Our services are uncompromised and will ensure that your project is in capable hands.

If you are a new property developer then we will get to know your business plan to ensure that every process and possibility is considered to fully enhance your project. This can range from the requirement of hiring staff for resource requirements, to the development of a website to increase exposure.
Considering your exit strategy will depend on your future goals. Buy to let, will offer a long-term portfolio of properties to supplement income from rentals. While buy to sell offers a short-term financial sale reward in increasing your capital. This can be used to immediately invest in future opportunities.
One overlooked factor is the location. If you are planning a new property development in a location that is not in demand, then it is likely to prove difficult to retain capital. The trick is to buy land years in advance of it appreciating, with the demand increasing. This will allow a larger profit margin to be made.
Lastly, ensure you have enough finance for extra resources and living costs while in development as you will be tied with the development until your first sale.

Why Choose Caliber?

We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency and efficiency and we have a multi-disciplined team of professionals with extensive experience within the development sector. We pride ourselves on being able to offer far more than when using an agent. We work quickly to have a fully approved and underwritten funding offer with solicitors from all parties instructed.

Our aim is always to ensure a smooth acquisition and sale for both the purchaser and vendor, by dealing with all issues during the process that arises professionally and promptly. Our proactive approach ensures your property development is never held back and always evolving.

As well as residential new property developments, we also cater to specialist sectors such as care home and medical services, retailers and student accommodation providers, through to large investment funds and overseas developers.

As well as supplying land and new property development opportunities, we also work alongside our clients to assist with the planning application, advice on instructing consultants, procuring development finance, design advice to assist in maximising the value of the finished product, and also feasibility work amongst many other services.

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